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The Spy Who Won Me Over (Roger Moore)

Roger Moore: The Spy Who Won Me Over

GOD favor Sir Roger Moore, Bond’s snappiest dresser, utterer of the glibbest lines in silver screen history, conveyed in that elegant, lockjawed basso profundo that resounded the distance back to the Home Counties. Yet, man, those flares…

OK, you can’t point the finger at Rog for the ’70s. It was not really his blame that his 12-year residency with the Bond establishment (1973–85) agreed with the decade that style overlooked (or so strainer disapproved of design individuals jump at the chance to think). But then I’ve started to think about whether that strong time was not, indeed, men’s wear’s brilliant age—or one of them, at any rate—and Sir Roger its carefully fit onscreen champion.




Moore’s style as Bond was a moderately traditionalist go up against the predominant style of the mid ’70s, reflecting as it did 007’s character and his foundation. Be that as it may, it was positively Moore’s own particular style, as well, made and curated by him in conjunction with his bespoke tailor: the late, extraordinary Dougie Hayward on Mayfair’s Mount Street. Hayward graduated class incorporate Michael Caine, Richard Burton, and John le Carré (who deified Hayward as the eponymous Tailor of Panama). The chesty, full-skirtedblazers and restricted shoulders were in the correct Savile Row convention, yet they had a touch of an edge that gave Hayward his notoriety and his taking after. So they were additionally totally suitable for a peripatetic military man in civvies, for example, Bond. Flared safari suits were less anticipated.

However Moore’s minute came in less demanding circumstances than Connery’s—his antecedent’s ’60s world was a harder, grimmer, grittier Britain as yet living with the consequence of World War II. The ’70s, by differentiation—on the off chance that you don’t tally Vietnam, Baader-Meinhof, and the oil emergency—were entertaining. Moore still had what’s coming to him of egotists, plutocratic nutters, and wrongdoing masters to manage, however dissimilar to Connery and his roughhouse strategies, his Bond could dispatch them all with a karate slash and a cocked eyebrow. What’s more, fundamental to that nonchalant picture (an overlooked quality) were garments that, however extraordinary to us now, were constantly flawless and worn with panache.


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