Friday , January 19 2018

Lena Dunham Wears a Slogan Tee,Best Fashion Week

Lena Dunham Wears a Slogan Tee, Future Has a Mask-On Moment

It wasn’t precisely a pivotal week for mold on Instagram, however, it beyond any doubt was sharp. Take, for example, Bella Hadid, who made her never-ending provocative case for wearing underwear out in the open: This time, Lena Dunham wore a transparent white turtleneck over a white bra. Likewise expected, yet at the same time easily cool, was heartthrob Luka Sabbat, who donned the go-to men’s pattern of the mid-year, a scarcely fastened shirt that flaunted his male cleavage while hanging out in Haiti. Additionally along the lines of just the same old thing new however to a great degree polished was Chanel fit model Amanda Sanchez, who postured in a logo T-shirt by none other than, obviously, Chanel.

Lena Dunham
Happy birthday Queen B ????????????


There were more on-topic minutes where that originated from: Twin Peaks significant others cheered after performer Laura Dern unconsciously wore a T-shirt bragging the show’s name. The rapper Future had a cover on the minute with his little girl and donned the stunned frill at the BET grants. Lena Dunham likewise made a cameo: Always one to wear her women’s activist sentiments on her sleeve, the on-screen character wore a “Light Your Bra” motto tee, which Lena Dunham decorated with a Star of David accessory for the last you-do-you touch.

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