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Independence Day 14th AUGUST Dresses COLLECTION 2017 

Independence Day 14th AUGUST DRESSES COLLECTION 2017

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14th August is the day when Pakistan rise as the free nation on the guide of World. It is a standout amongst the happiest days of our life, and we praise it with happiness and dedication. Each Pakistani appears to be amped up for Independence Day festivity, and everybody begins their readiness prior to 14th August. Enlivening your home with little banners (Jhindiyan), wriggling Pakistani banner on the best rooftop, singing national tunes and wearing new dresses is a typical pattern for fourteenth August.

The most effective method to Celebrate 14th August in more beautiful way

It is an open occasion on 14th August, which implies you don’t need to go your office or instructive organization and it gives young simplicity of your bustling timetable. Many people have a tendency to spend this day in sleeping and do all unwinding stuff at their home. Be that as it may, it is not a decent approach to spend this day by remaining at your home since, it is a day of festivity and solidarity with individuals and remaining enthusiastic about your nation by recollecting penances, which were made by progenitors for accomplishing freedom.

Here are the couple of things which you can do to praise the Independence Day in a satisfying way.

  1. Wearing Independence Day themed dresses
  2. Going to Independence Day parade
  3. Watching Independence Day Documentaries
  4. Listening energetic melodies
  5. Get the opportunity to accumulate with your loved ones

14th August Dresses for Women

14th August

On This Event Ladies love to remain up and prepared for any periodic occasions and remembering this thing: ladies additionally need to spruce up and do a makeover for the Independence Day. Green and white are the topic hues for the 14th August, and as per it, you can wear restrictive clothing kurta, best, scarf or dupatta of green and white hues to speak to your enthusiastic emotions on this specific day.


14th August Dress and Shirts for Men

14th AugustOn this event of happiness Men likewise, would prefer not to feel abandoned with regards to preparing for any periodic occasion. For the Independence Day, men like to wear white shalwar kameez or green shirts over the pants. On the off chance that you don’t have particular green shirts, at that point you can basically tie Pakistani banner around your shoulders and go ahead with your festival and satisfaction.


Till then we need to figure out what is 14th August?

14th August is not a day of festivities. It is a day to feel honored. A day to recall at the penances made by our progenitors. A day to simply breathe in the natural air and envision what might life resemble on the off chance that we didn’t have what we have today. Being oblivious and simply adding a banner to your face is extraordinary yet endeavoring to discover the importance of that banner would be the real festival.

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