Thursday , November 23 2017

Beauty & Makeup

How to Balayage Your Hairs ?

How to Balayage Your Own Hairs ? eSalon needs you to go totally Bob Ross on your highlights. With the dispatch of their up and coming Lightlab pack, the brand is growing their DIY hair shading family to incorporate the balayage procedure, and trust it or not, it’s not as …

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4 Avocado Hacks for Beautiful Skin and Hair

4 Avocado Hacks for Beautiful Skin and Hair: In case you’re as fixated on avocados as whatever is left of Instagram—guacamole, endless bloggers’ shrewd pictures of avocado toast, and, our most current fave, avocado fries—you’ll be additional cheerful to hear how sound the green natural product is for you. (Yes, …

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